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Elizabeth is a Masters level, registered and insured veterinary physiotherapist and small animal hydrotherapist based in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. She has worked with a diverse array of small and large animals over the years and has been a keen animal lover and owner since a young age.

Elizabeth developed a strong interest in animal rehabilitation after caring for her own animals at home and at work following injury or illness. This inspired Elizabeth to go to university where she gained a First Class degree in Animal Biology.

Following this, Elizabeth completed 2 years of Level 7 post-graduate training with Canine Equine Physiotherapy Training (CEPT) and achieved her Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2018. Shortly afterwards, Elizabeth achieved her certificate in small animal hydrotherapy and qualified as a small animal medicines advisor.

In 2020, Elizabeth completed a Masters year at the University of Nottingham and achieved her MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy after conducting a research project on photobiomodulation/laser therapy and canine osteoarthritis.

Although Veterinary Physiotherapy is usually primarily directed at horses, dogs and cats, Elizabeth has experience with a large range of other small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles and so is happy to offer treatment to more exotic species.